Final Year Projects

Batch 2018

  • Mechanical properties of foam cementitious composite.
  • Energy Optimization of a Building Using Structural Equation Modelling.
  • Assessment of Railway Tracks in Karachi.
  • Assessment Of Lyari Expressway for Heavy Vehicles.
  • The behavior of LC 3 concrete using Glass Power and Sea Water.
  • Hydrological modeling using AGWA.
  • Assessment & Design of Water & Sewerage.
  • System for a Residential Society.
  • Modeling behavior of traffic at the roundabout.
  • Concepts and Designs for a Self-Sustaining Community.
  • To improve Geotechnical behavior of soil using Biopolymer.
  • Use of geosynthetics to reduce water losses in the canal system.
  • Delay analysis of multi-story residential buildings using primavera.
  • Spatio-temporal Analysis of Road Accident Records.
  • Mechanical Properties of OPC and LC3 concretes containing lightweight coarse aggregate.

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