“Improvement in the Implementation of OBE System”

Department of Urban and Infrastructure Engineering has took the initiative to implement OBE system of teaching and assessment in 2014. The driving force to adopt this system is its inherent strength in developing comprehensive graduate attributes through different learning domains. It is designed to show student progress based on the 'outcome' of learning skills. In traditional education approach, the performance of students was being gauged through the achieved grades only. The OBE system ensures a comprehensive methodology, where student performance is continuously monitored in all domains of learning. It ensures that students have acquired adequate skills in all domains as outlined by the program.

It is pertinent to mention here that a comprehensive University level exercise was carried out in the year 2012 as the yearly objective (Objective 2K12) defined by the QMS of NEDUET to evaluate the programs evaluation. For implementation of the OBE system, further improvement is required to be carried for effective and efficient utilization of existing teaching and assessment procedures of the Department.

Therefore, the department has defined their Objective 2019 as “Improvement in the implementation of OBE System”.