Climate Efficient Urban Mobility


Shehri-CBE, in collaboration with the office of Friedrich Naumann Stiftung Pakistan has initiated a three (3) year project ‘Climate Efficient Urban Mobility and Smart City Growth’. The project encompasses two broader objectives (i) Climate efficient mobility (ii) Transit Oriented Development (TOD) / Smart Cities. Under this project, critical government and civil society stakeholders would be engaged in the large urban settlements of Pakistan, including Karachi.
Additionally, the project has an integral component of research for developing interactive resource material and a Strategy Paper presenting practical and solution based approaches for making our big cities smart and futuristic. This project would not only be generating a constructive discussion but will also stimulate much needed policy debate among the concerned authorities for a sustainable and climate friendly transport system for Pakistan's biggest urban centers. We are also confident that this project would go beyond just generating a discussion but would lead to actual implementation of specific measures for making our transportation services and infrastructure smarter and climate friendly.
An interactive session with final year students of the Urban Department, NED Engineering University (Tuesday, November 27, 2018) is being organized to inform them about the project and gain their valuable input.