Final Year Project

Final Year Projects

Batch 2016-17

  • Modeling Heterogeneous Traffic Flow at Signalized
  • Modeling Heterogeneous Traffic Using Data from UAV
  • Evaluation of Bike Lane at Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi
  • Evaluation of the Infrastructure and Demand of Green Line BRT Project Karachi.
  • Material Characteristics & Response of Locally Available Cement Replacing (CRMS) in Concrete
  • Comparative Analysis & Design of RC Building Using Moment Resisting & Dual Frame System 
  • Behavior of Lightweight Aggregates in Concrete
  • Profiling Ground Water Table of Selected Areas of Karachi 2019
  • Durability Studies of Normal Strength Concrete with & without Recycled Coarse Aggregate
  • Assessing the Reliability & Use of Climate Models for the Southern Regions of Pakistan
  • Aquaponics for Food & Bio Energy Production in an Urban Context
  • Production of Biogas from Animal Manure & Halophytes Biomass

Batch 2015-16

  • Low Cost Energy Efficient House An Explore Case study and a Prototype
  • Development of Virtual reality application for road Traffic Crash Simulation
  • Comparison and Assessment of steel and RCC Structure in Terms of Cost and Time for Pakistani construction Industry
  • Manufacturing of Blocks Waste Plastic
  • Response of polythene Terephalate Fiber reinforced Cementations Composite
  • Application of Mechanical System
  • TO Find Out the Performance of Flexible Pavement using Recycled Aggregate with FLY ASH Content Modification
  • Application of Constructed Wetlands for saline water Treatment
  • Safety Assesment High Rise Building
  • Transformation of Conventional into 5D MACRO model using BIM —Case Study of NED Academic Block
  • Evaluating Water Distribution system of the north Karachi Sector 10
  • Response of Geopolymer Fiber Reinforced Cementatious Compossite
  • Compression of rutting and Fatigue Strength of Asphalt Concrete Specimen with and with out geo composite Layer
  • Production of manhole covers using scrap rubber tires
  • Study of motorcyclist behavior for use of Helmet

Batch 2014-15

  • Macroscopic Traffic Flow Modeling Cell Transmission Model
  • Evaluating Water Quality of Malir River for Detrimental Effects on Vegetables and Ground Water
  • Evaluation of Pavement Condition Index and Structural Capacity of Pavements in Federal B Area Karachi
  • Strength Optimization of Blocks Using Recycled Aggregates
  • Assessment and Improvement of Jobsite Material Management Practice for Commercial Building Construction
  • Document management System for effective Claim Management
  • Impact of Urban Roadway Traffic on Air Quality

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